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15 years ago – After the events of age of worms, the puddles suffered worse than a majority of the rest of the city.  Its proximity to the water and already poor conditions compounded with the introduction of supernatural disease and undead.  For months after the events creatures had snuck away into corners and would regularly drag people to the death.  Every week a new disease, a new monster or a new terror would haunt its streets and its citizens lived in constant fear.  If you were here during this time, you either know someone who suffered during this time, or suffered yourself. 


This time wasn't completely without hope, the heroes who stopped the destruction of the city took a vested interest in the puddles and invested time and resources to solve its problems.  After a year's time, many of the horrors had subsided, and some could argue that while the puddles suffered horribily during the events of age of worms, it benefited greatly from the influx of coin and interest from some very powerful people.


13-14 years ago – Three adventurers took up shop in the area, Dhizmot Sparksmith, Sophia Llewellyn and Rex Llewellyn.  The three of them provided money, security, and most importantly magical aid to the district.  A great wall was erected and an ingenious system of pumps was put into place to drain the water from the district, dry land appeared where it hadn't been seen in decades.  While at times horrors would still stalk the night, you could travel with a certain degree of confidence that heroes walked these streets too.  Stories were told of a man who would strike down the remnants of Kyuss's touch and there is a chance that if you lived here, you were saved from something.  The sick were tended to, and free clinics opened up all over the puddles.  Basic illness started to subside and overall quality of life continued to improve.   



10-13 years ago – The rest of Absalom did not quietly watch its bastard district benefit from the attention it was granted by their heroes.  As things improved in the puddles, other districts began to seek aid, and other powerful people within the city made requests of the heroes who had come to call the puddles their homes.  The wall was finished, and for the most part the monsters that stalked the night had been dealt with. 


9 years ago – The woman responsible for a good deal of the changes within the puddles, Sophia Llewellyn, was recognized by the high lord for her deeds not only in the attack from Kyuss but in its aftermath, she was granted the rank of Second Spelllord and with it all of the duties therein.  For the people of the puddles, this meant a distinct change in how often they saw their heros, the old inventor no longer spent his time here, having moved on to bigger and more interesting projects, and the guardian of the night had moved on as well, claiming to conquer the precipe quarter himself.


5-8 years ago – Slowly, the creatures that had hid from the influx of power in the city made their way back from the shadows, dry land was paramount now, and the people who lived in the puddles were still poor.  During this time the puddles took a distinct turn and quality of life dropped rapidly.  The poor were again taken advantage of by the criminal element, and the power vacuums that were left were quickly filled with eager and ruthless individuals. 


4 years ago – If the absence of the heroes was not enough, the city was rocked by a potent earthquake that shook it to its core.  The wall erected by Dhizmot held, but not without injury, water again began to seep into the district, and many of the areas that were previously the dry lands were again flooded.  The puddles was not the worst hit district this time, the dock suffering major damage as well as sections of the coins, the attention of the government was directed elsewhere and the puddles fell deeper below sea level than it had ever been.


Recently – Quakes have shook the city three times since the large one four years ago, and each time new damage has hit the well that the people of the puddles have come to relay on.  The people who were attracted by the previous boons the district was afforded have long since left.  The only thing that remains finding its way into the puddles, is coin.  Miss Llewellyn never forgot her district, and has maintained a fund that has served as a lifeline for the district, without this coin all hope would be lost for the people who still call it home.  But with that coin an influx of crime has come, and some whisper of men in the shadows who pose a bigger threat to its people than the waters or the earthquakes..

Main Page

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